Andrew Booth was a former mercenary soldier almost killed by an explosion in Angola. He was rebuilt by persons unknown as a cyborg killer renamed Assassin-8 and became a professional assassin. Later, a mysterious man convinced the unstable Booth that Spider-Man, who was then visiting Britain to appear on the TV show Saturday Starship, had planted the bomb which had taken his humanity, and sent him after Spider-Man as a way of 'testing' the hero for reasons of his own. Spider-Man escaped after damaging Booth's bionic arm. Fighting Spider-Man again days later in the London Underground system, Booth was killed instantly when he accidentally stumbled onto the electrified rail which conducted a powerful charge through the metal in his body. [1]


  • Cybernetic Enhancements: Booth was a cyborg with a variety of built in gadgets
    • Flight: Booth had built in rocket thrusters in his legs which allowed him to fly.
    • Superhuman Strength


superior combat skills

Strength level





blasters and projectile weapons including harpoons in his forearm casing

  • The Spider-Man in Britain story which introduced Assassin-8 ran in Spider-Man weekly #607-610 (1984), and was an experiment to see if readers responded well to UK originated stories in case younger readers objected to Spider-Man's change of costume in the original US titles. The same story also introduced Thunderclap.

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