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Dr. Andrew Breen graduated from university with doctorates in parapsychology and xenobiology, and was immediately recruited by Weapon V - a Weapon Plus supersoldier initiative aiming to weaponize Symbiotes.

Studying cloned samples of the Grendel symbiote, Breen used technology and research appropriated from other symbiote supersoldier initiatives in order to engineer suits of symbiote bio-armor that were bonded to operatives. Curious as to why the prototypes of the Sym-Soldier Program had failed, Breen determined that the symbiotes were linked through a hive-mind to a primordial god of darkness. While the other members of Weapon V dismissed his theory, Breen deemed it to be proven correct when the Grendel symbiote reawakened and rampaged through Manhattan. Desiring to see the world as the symbiotes did, he began appropriating samples of living abyss and using them as eye drops, an activity that gradually degraded his sanity.

Seven weeks after the Grendel's rampage through Manhattan, Weapon V Headquarters was attacked by the symbiote-augmented serial killer Carnage - who had been bonded to a sample of the Grendel symbiote retaining its connection to the symbiotes' dark god. While Breen survived Carnage's attack and was evacuated by Mars Team, he was driven insane and developed the hypothesis that Carnage had been chosen as the God of the Everblack's demigod avatar. To prove this hypothesis, he surreptitiously manipulated Mars Team into engaging Carnage in combat and infused himself with living abyss. Fully succumbing to the corruption of the symbiote hive-mind, Breen openly betrayed Mars Team and offered them and himself as a sacrifice to Carnage.[1]


A genius scientist, Dr. Breen took great pride in his intellect and scientific acumen. Dismayed that his theories regarding the symbiotes were seen as crackpot by the other members of Weapon V and that he was unable to study an unaltered symbiote, he was eventually driven insane through repeated use of the Grendel symbiote's living abyss as eyedrops, defecting from Weapon V to join the Cult of Knull.[1]

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Genius Intellect: While specializing in parapsychology and xenobiology, Breen was also adept at cloning and bioengineering.[1]



Symbiote Eye-Drops: Dr. Breen possessed a sample of the Grendel symbiote's living abyss contained in an eye-drop container, which he used on himself to be able to see the world as symbiotes did.[1]

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