Detective Andrew Henry was a detective for the LAPD during the 1940's. He was involved in the case of the infamous "Lady in the Lake" killer, and lamented that the case had since gone cold.

At some point during his career, Detective Henry started covering up powerful people's mistakes for a price. One of these people was Calvin Chadwick, the owner of Isodyne Energy and senatorial candidate. Chadwick and his wife, Whitney Frost, paid Detective Henry to dispose of the body of Jane Scott, Chadwick's mistress. Before he did this, Detective Henry dressed up the corpse to look like a victim of the Lady of the Lake killer so the case would be re-opened. What he didn't know, however, is that Jane Scott was killed when she came into contact with Zero Matter, so the lake he dropped her body in froze after some time, drawing the attention of the SSR.

Detective Henry tried to throw the SSR off of Calvin Chadwick's trail, but was eventually discovered to be connected to Jane Scott's corpse when he started showing signs of Zero Matter contamination. He then kidnapped Dr. Jason Wilkes, an Isodyne researcher working with the SSR, in hopes that he could "fix" him. However, his condition continued to worsen, getting to the point that anything he touched froze. Despite the SSR's orders not to fire at Detective Henry, a rookie cop (who happened to be getting paid by Calvin Chadwick and Whitney Frost) shot and killed him, shattering his body into small shards of ice.[1]


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