Andrew Meadows was one of a group of high-spirited, prankster students at M.I.T. who befriended a young professor Jenny Swensen. They helped her steal the MAX Armor that her late father had developed.

Meadows and his friends dubbed themselves the Troubleshooters, and most of them developed their own MAX-derived technology to help Swensen in battling crime. Meadows designed a wrist-mounted device that fired laser blasts, which he dubbed Beam-Splitter. They helped Swensen on several cases, until they unwisely took on a terrorist, Steel Hawk, preventing him from assassinating the British Prime Minister. After that incident, the Troubleshooters planned to retire, but Steel Hawk came after them for revenge. He grabbed Meadows and killed him with his own Beam-Splitter weapon.



Strength level

Normal human


Beam-Splitter: a device worn on his right wrist which could release an energy beam.

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