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Andy Strucker is a mutant from Atlanta, Georgia. He, his sister Lauren, and their non-mutant parents Caitlin and Reed Strucker went on the run from the Sentinel Services after Andy destroyed his high school when his powers manifested while he was being bullied at a dance.

Reed contacted Eclipse, a member of the Mutant Underground, and offered to use his position in the Atlanta District Attorney's office to help Polaris if the Underground could get his family to safety in Mexico. The Sentinel Services ambushed Eclipse and the Struckers the night they tried to leave. Fortunately, Thunderbird and Blink tracked Eclipse, and helped them escape from the Sentinel Services. Blink opened a portal to the Underground's headquarters as the Sentinel Services closed in on them. Andy used his powerful telekinetic abilities to destroy the Sentinel Service's offensive drones. Reed threw his son through Blink's portal, but she couldn't keep it open long enough for Reed to come through, and an agent of the Sentinel Services shot him in the leg.[2]



Telekinesis: Andy has powerful telekinetic abilities. Even when he attempted to restrain them, Andy's abilities were powerful enough to destroy a vending machine. He is a complete opposite of his sister Lauren, capable of ripping things apart by thought.

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Fenris Force: When making physical contact with his sister, Andy glows with a yellowish color and unleashes a large wave of destructive energy, destroying everything in its path.


Due to his abilities only recently manifesting, Andy had severely limited control over his telekinetic powers.


  • Percy Hynes White portrays Andy Strucker in The Gifted.

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