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Thug Thatcher was originally a New York based mob boss. He was shot in the shoulder in a gunfight with the police during an escape attempt. Thatcher's men found the office of Dr. Don Blake and his nurse, Jane Foster, and forced them at gunpoint to treat Thug.

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Blake was more than happy to treat Thatcher, and he removed the bullet and stabilized him. However, Thatcher then directed his men to "take care of him" so he couldn't squeal to the cops. Blake managed to retrieve his walking stick, and he transformed into Thor. Thor captured Thatcher's gang, but Thug himself escaped and took Jane Foster hostage again. Thor rescued Jane and pursued Thatcher, eventually catching him in an old construction site. Thatcher was sent to prison.[2]


Thatcher was eventually released from Ryker's Island and promptly took a plane to Chicago. He hired another criminal named Kellen to assist him. He tracked down his old girlfriend, Ruby, who now lived in Chicago with her two sons Kevin and Mick. The father of these kids was not named: it may have been Thug, or another man. Thatcher forced her to let him stay at her house, and to assist in his plan to take revenge on Thor. He came upon the idea of freeing the criminal Zaniac (Brad Wolfe) and having him kill Jane Foster.

However, upon being freed from his energy-nullifying manacles, the Zaniac slew Ruby, who walked in on them. Thatcher's agent, Kellen, responded by shooting and killing the Zaniac. However, the Zaniac's form began to convulse, and dozens of creatures burst forth, lunging for Thatcher and Kellen. The two fled, and Kellen tried to fight them off, but one of them attempted to bite Thatcher. He was prevented from being bit by Thor and Justice Peace who traveled to prevent Earth-823019. Thatcher, however, had a heart attack from the stress of nearly being bitten by one of the vermin, and he died.[3]

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