Andreya Cazeneuve,[1] or Andreva, was a rebellious underling of crimelord Zeelmo.[2]

At some point, she disobeyed Zeelmo and was imprisoned. She was later thrown in a cell with the Red Raven (who had refused to serve Zeelmo), and the criminals let aging gas enter the cell. Using his wings, Red Raven managed to exit the cell with Andreya and defeat Zeelmo, leaving him to die there.[2]

She was later listening to his exploits on the radio, astonished.[2]

She was named "Andreva" in Red Raven Comics #1 but was renamed "Andreya Cazeneuve" in Red Raven's entry in Marvel Mystery Handbook 70th Anniversary Special #1, sharing her last name with the penciler Louis Cazeneuve.

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