Andros Stark is a descendant of the Stark Line and a direct descendant of Arno Stark. Sometime in the future the Iron Man Tech is outlawed but this does not stop Andros from resurrecting it and using it for his own gain. Teaming with Victor Von Doom, he has set up a weapons platform in Earth's orbit and plans to eliminate the population if their demands are not met.

A reborn King Arthur (due to his birth parents putting their careers ahead of a family he is still a pre-teen) orders Merlin to bring the Iron Man and Dr. Doom of the present to the year 2093 to save Camelot. When Tony attacks the satellite he come face to face with his descendant. Andros' armor is far more sophisticated than his own and Andros makes quick work of Tony.

Andros is then again challenged by Tony, this time he wields Excalibur and Andros is no match for his Ancestor. Andros is defeated and taken into custody.[1]


Andros Stark has no powers of his own but they are derived from his Iron Man Armor.

Iron Man #250

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