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| Origin =
| Origin =
| PlaceOfBirth = New York, NY
| PlaceOfBirth = New York, NY
| Creators =
| Creators = Sean McKeever; Mike Norton
| First = Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man Vol 1 10
| First = Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man Vol 1 10

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Andy Anderson was a photographer for the Daily Bugle who covered Mysterio's special effects show. Peter Parker (Earth-20051) warned him of Mysterio's notoriety as a criminal, but paid no attention and went into Mysterio's prop room, where he fell into a secret tunnel, and Mysteriocaptured him, but not before he called peter and explained what had happened. In a secret room, he discovered Peter was right, and Mysterio's special effects show was a distraction while he stole the audience's valuables. Fortunately, Spider-Man arrived to defeat Mysterio.


None known.


Skilled Photographer

Strength level

Average Human Male



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