Andy Crockett was a fur trapper and trader who was active during the days of the American Frontier. One day while out in the wilderness, he came across the savaged body of the Pawnee warrior known as Arrowhead, who had been seriously wounded fighting a bear. Andy took Arrowhead back to his people to be healed and established trade with them.

Later, after Arrowhead's father was murdered by a white man, Arrowhead rode to nearby Sutter's Fort where he was mistaken from a Crow warrior and locked in the jail to be hanged in the morning. Knowing that Arrowhead was innocent, Crockett helped the warrior escape, although Arrowhead killed a soldier in the process making him an outlaw. The pair then rode back to the Pawnee tribe where Arrowhead learned that the local medicine man Snake Fang had usurped control of the tribe and orchestrated the murder of his father so that he could trade gold for alcohol with a trader. Arrowhead slew both Snake Fang and the trader, making himself a renegade of is people as well. Andy helped Arrowhead escape his tribe, but after everything Arrowhead experienced he vowed to destroy all white men, and the pair parted company[1].

However, despite Arrowhead's vows to destroy all white men, he found a ready and willing ally in Andy Crockett who believed that Arrowhead was a genuinely good person. When Arrowhead was framed for murder and injured while being hunted down, Andy saved his life and brought Arrowhead back to his tribe to be healed. When Andy's equal treatment of Native Americans put him on the receiving end of the racist Marshall Ross Marney's noose, Arrowhead returned the favor and rescued Andy. Andy was later hired by the US Army as a scout to hunt down renegade Blackfoot warriors, Andy convinced the bigoted Colonel Brace to allow Arrowhead to assist them. When Arrowhead refused to slay innocent women and children among the Blackfoot tribe, Andy helped Arrowhead escape the soldiers to join the Blackfoot warriors in fighting the soldiers off[2]. Later when Arrowhead was blamed for murders done by a band of renegade Cheyenne warriors, Andy warned Arrowhead that Major Cloud put a bounty on his head[3]. In his last recorded appearance, Andy warned Arrowhead about the Pawnee warrior Black Buffalo's murder spree, prompting Arrowhead to eliminate his insane former friend[4].

Andy's subsequent activities and fate are unknown.

Despite Arrowhead's vow, Crockett has come to Arrowhead's aid on a number of occasions.

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