Andy was a young mutant attending the Xavier Institute. His freakish appearance made him vulnerable to jeers from bigots, and as such, his favorite day of the year was Halloween, when he could freely walk about the humans as if he were a person in costume.[1]

During one such Halloween, Andy befriended a girl his age named Amanda and her younger sister Sue. When Sue was grabbed by kidnappers, Andy revealed his mutant status by chasing down the kidnapper's van and saving Sue. While after her rescue, Sue viewed Andy as a hero and a friend, Amanda and the other humans met Andy with fear and disgust. Andy sadly returned to the Xavier Institute lamenting how Halloween always ends too soon.[1]

His post-M-Day status is unknown, but he is presumed depowered as there were only 27 students left who retained their powers.


Andy's physical mutation gives him increased speed and strength, able to chase down a speeding van and rip the van doors off their hinges.[1]

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