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Angel's Aerie is a ski cabin style mansion owned by the X-Man Warren Worthington (Aka Angel/Archangel), and is located in an undisclosed location somewhere in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.[1]

Angel's Aerie was first seen when Bobby Drake took his girlfriend, Terri Sue Bottoms, there, to enjoy the pool with Warren and his girlfriend, Candy Southern. The group was attacked, by Master Mold, and Bobby was captured, with Warren following after. Later, the X-Men visited Warren and Candy and this visit, immediately, preceded the the X-Men's first encounter with the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club.[2]

Angel's Aerie was referred to as the Defenders' Mansion when it served as "New" Defenders headquarters, following the Beast's reorganization of the team.[3] It was subsequently upgraded by Candy upon Warren's request just before she took on the mantle of team leader/manager. These upgrades included a medical facility that was remotely operated by doctors at a Worthington owned hospital[4] as well as hologram warning systems, cherub themed alarms and presumably reinforced glass.[5]

More recently, Cyclops, wanting to become proactive and remain in secret, commandeered the mansion for X-Force, as their new de facto headquarters. From this secluded location Cyclops was able to secretly supervise this strike team's covert operations (including the systematic assassination of members of the Human Council) away from the main body of the X-Men, without Warren's knowledge.[1][6] After finding-out about X-Force's meetings in the mansion, Warren began to object, until he was attacked, by a hypnotized Wolfsbane, and was transformed in Archangel again.

All of the members of X-Force have lived at Angel's Aerie, if only briefly. Like most X-Men headquarters, Angel's Aerie has sustained large amounts of damage.[7][8]

Points of Interest

  • Medical Facility - Constructed under the leadership of Candy Southern, this high tech infirmary features a direct feed to a Worthington owned hospital where staff can remotely access and operate on patients.[4]
  • Isolated Bio-Lab - First utilized by the Beast in order to fight the slime mold monster originally carried by Ephraim Soles, this facility allows users to remain completely separate from whatever dangerous materials they might be working with.[5]
  • Cantilever Balcony - Overlooking the forest and mountains, this is usually where Cyclops and Wolverine discuss missions and debrief.[1][6][9]
  • Lounge - High ceilings, a large fireplace and ski cabin style decor. Wolfsbane and Hrimhari conceived their child here.[10]
Rahne Sinclair (Earth-616) and Hrimhari (Earth-616) from X-Force Vol 3 17 0001
  • Racquetball Court - Used to test Wolfsbane's level of brainwashing and reaction to seeing Angel.[7]
  • Kitchen/Dining Room - State of the art kitchen with marble table tops and reproductions on works of art such as The Scream by artist Edvard Munch.[7]
  • Bedrooms - There are an unknown amount of bedrooms. Many of the members of X-Force and the Defenders have stayed there at least temporarily.[7]




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