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When the scared young mutant Angel Dust ran away to join the Chicago faction of the Morlocks, she left behind frantic parents who had no idea where she went or why she had left.[2]

After Angel Dust and the other Morlocks swore to help each other resolve one "aboveground" issue, she returned home to tell her parents the truth she thought would turn her out of the family forever: She was a mutant. To Angel Dust's surprise, her parents accepted her for who she was, but it was only after she had helped her compatriots defeat a Sentinel base that Angel Dust finally returned home for good.[3]

She was confirmed as depowered after the M-Day.[4]


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She was prone to berserker rages at times.[2]


  • Angel Dust likely gets her name from the drug phencyclidine, also called angel dust as well as PCP. The effects of the drug are similar to the effects of Angel Dust's powers.

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