Quote1 I'm pregnant. They'll throw us out of school unless we do something fast, Barnell. Quote2
-- Angel Salvadore src

Early Years

Angel Salvadore was fourteen years old when her mutant nature first manifested itself and she was driven out of her home by her abusive step-father. The following morning, she awoke and discovered that she had formed a cocoon about herself while she slept and had emerged after sprouting a pair of wings.[2]

Angel Salvadore (Earth-616) from New X-Men Vol 1 141 0001

Angels babies hatching

Xavier Institute

She was attacked by U-Men, humans who sought to harvest mutant body parts to graft onto themselves. Angel was rescued by Wolverine who took her to the Xavier Institute where she reluctantly enrolled as a student.[3]

At first, Angel did not fit in well, especially with Emma Frost who took Angel's attitude to be a challenge, opting to take Angel under her wing as a mentor and mold Angel into a sophisticated young woman. Angel later helped the X-Men fight the menace of Cassandra Nova by working with the Stepford Cuckoos and stealing needed DNA samples.[4]

After accepting a bet to kiss Beak, her classmate in the Xavier Institute's "Special Class", Angel grew close to him and they began to see each other romantically.[5] Angel, Beak, and the other Special Class students were part of another confrontation with the U-Men, deep in the woods on the Xavier Mansion grounds. Angel was the only one to see Xorn brutally murder the U-Men. He convinced her to keep it their secret by bribing her with candy.[6]

Angel would later reveal to Beak that she was pregnant and she laid pods on the ceiling of a shed on the school grounds. Her pods hatched during an investigation for the murder of Emma Frost where Angel was implicated as being the shooter.[7]

Xorn's Brotherhood

Shortly afterwards, Xorn, instructor of the Special Class, revealed himself to be the mutant terrorist Magneto, and Angel was convinced to serve as a member of his latest incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Under the leadership of Beak, Angel and other members of the Special Class would rise up against Magneto and help guide the regrouping X-Men back to Magneto's stronghold where he was defeated. [8]

Beak Joins the Exiles

Later, Beak was made an honorary X-Man, and he, Angel, and their children lived in a home on the Xavier property. Later on, Beak was unhinged from time in order to gain experience from every harsh lesson he would learn with the Exiles in order to prepare him for a future event where several worlds would hang in the balance. [9]

As a result of his unhinging, he was for a time unable to interact with beings from his home timeline and his family believed him to have run away. Only by serving with the Exiles could he win them back. As a result of the effects of the House of M incident, Beak (who got back to his home reality thanks to the Exiles), his wife Angel and their children (except Tito) lost their powers and thus, their "hideous" appearance, and were now finally able to live happily together again.[10]

Barnell Bohusk & Angel Salvadore (Earth-616) from Exiles Vol 1 72 0001

Angel and Beak after M-Day

New Warriors

Angel later resurfaced, along with her husband Beak, as a member of the newest incarnation of the New Warriors. Now going by the name Tempest, she gained fire, ice and wind/flight powers given to her through technological means by Night Thrasher. Her relationship with Barnell was noticeably more complacent than it had been in the past. Eventually, Night Thrasher disbanded the team.[11]


Angel and Barnell joined a new incarnation of the Teen Brigade.[12]

Power Grid [13]
Energy Projection*
Fighting Skills
* Heightened speed, energy projection with tech-suit


As Tempest: When she later became a member of the New Warriors, she gained technologically based fire, ice, and flight powers from the new costume given to her.


Uses technology to give her the ability to generate heat and cold, the full extent of which is unknown.

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