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Angel Salvadore[src]


Xavier Institute

Angel is kicked out of home

Angel Salvadore was fourteen years old when her mutant nature manifested. After a week of being the cause of a foul stench in her bedroom, she was driven out of her home in Wyoming by her abusive step-father. In the following morning, she was awakened by the U-Men, humans who sought to harvest mutant body parts to graft onto themselves. It was revealed that, during the night Angel slept out in the cold, she had formed a cocoon about herself while she slept and had emerged after sprouting a pair of wings. Though she tried to escape, using her newfound powers, Angel was ultimately captured.[15] After being rescued by Wolverine, Angel was taken to the Xavier Institute where she reluctantly enrolled as a student.[16]

At first, Angel had difficulties in adjusting to the school, considering her colleagues to be self-important.[17] Her attitude started to change when the X-Men faced the menace of Cassandra Nova, when Angel worked with Emma Frost the Stepford Cuckoos to stole Nova's DNA samples, needed to reprogram the alien Stuff. During her mission, Angel met and freed the mutant Beak, who had been in a coma prior to Nova's attack.[18] Frost's plan, with Angel's help, was a success and Cassandra Nova got trapped into Stuff's body.[19]

Though she was still considered to be a problematic student, Angel started to get along with her teachers and colleagues. During a flight class, Angel accept a bet to kiss Beak.[20] When they both were assigned to Xorn's "Special Class", Angel grew close to him and they began to see each other romantically.[9] Angel, Beak, and the other Special Class students were part of another confrontation with the U-Men, deep in the woods on the Xavier Mansion grounds when they were camping. Angel was the only one to witness their professor, Xorn, brutally murder the U-Men. He convinced her to keep it their secret.[21]

Following the death of Sophie during the Riot at Xavier's, Frost, rejected by the other Stepford Cuckoos, took Angel as her pupil, shopping with her for the upcoming Xavier Institute's prizegiving day. During the prizegiving, Angel was congratulated alongside Beak by Professor X for their heroism. However, none of them were present during the celebration since they were busy scheming a plan to prevent their expulsion from the school as Angel revealed to she was pregnant.[22]

Angel's babies hatching

Angel laid pods on the ceiling of a shed on the school grounds to gestate her children. Following the apparent murder of Emma Frost, the pods were found by Sage and Bishop, who investigated the crime and implicated Angel as being the shooter.[23] As the pods hatched with Angel's and Beak's babies, it was revealed they were both innocent of the accusations.[24]

Shortly afterwards, Xorn revealed himself to be the mutant terrorist Magneto, and Angel was convinced to serve as a member of his latest incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. The Brotherhood captured Xavier and, under Xorn's insane orders, decided to attack New York City in retaliation for the Genoshan massacre.[25] Following a rebellious Beak, other members of the Special Class, including Angel, rose up against Xorn and helped guide the regrouping X-Men back to Xorn's stronghold where he was defeated.[26]


As the X-Men recovered from the attack, Angel, Beak, and their children lived in the shed on the Xavier property.[27] Soon after, Beak crossed paths with the Exiles, being unintentionally recruited by the multiversal team in order to help them depower King Hyperion. As Beak was unhinged from time, he became unable to interact with his family in his native universe, as the other Exiles. Angel believed he had run away and was left to carry on alone with their children.[28]

Angel and Beak after M-Day

With King Hyperion defeated,[29] the Exiles learned the truth about their existence and got access to the Crystal Palace, from where Beak could return to Angel.[30] Before he could accomplish that, Earth-616 was affected by the House of M incident.[31] In a rewritten reality, Beak found out Angel was a very successful mutant top model. After rejecting Beak, for not recognizing him, Angel became a target for Proteus, being killed and possessed by him.[32] Proteus, in Angel's body, targeted Beak and the Exiles. During the fight, Proteus left Angel's body severely damaged to possess the Mimic. On the brink of death, Angel's live was saved by a restorative serum given by Blink. As the Exiles left, Beak and Angel experienced the end of the House of M.[33]


As a result of the effects of the House of M incident, Angel, Beak, and their children (except Tito) lost their mutant powers. Reunited with their family and freed from their "hideous" appearance, Angel and Beak were apparently able to live happily together again.[13] Settling into a domestic life and in a noticeably more complacent relationship, Angel and Beak left the Xavier Institute and moved to an apartment in New York City. However, the couple were rapidly brought back to super-hero life when Night Thrasher started recruiting depowered mutants to join his New Warriors, to combat the Superhuman Registration Act and Tony Stark's Initiative. Though Angel was initially reluctant to join the group, she was ultimately convinced by Beak. Under the name Tempest, Angel gained technological gadgets that granted her control over temperature and anti-gravity flight.[34]

As Tempest of the New Warriors

After some time of intensive training and obscure minor activities, Angel and the New Warriors made their debut to the public by fighting the Zodiac at the cost of Tattoo's life. Night Thrasher decided to disband the group but was convinced otherwise.[35] After taking some time to improve their gadgets and understand the technology they used better, the New Warriors fought and defeated Alphaclan. However, Night Thrasher's erratic leadership led the team to distrust him.[36]

In order to solve the team's trust issues, Night Thrasher presented the New Warriors his prediction system, the "TransMap", to track super-human activity all over the world, gaining the admiration of most of the Warriors, including Angel and Beak. This caused field leader, Jubilee, to cultivate her suspicions.[37] When the New Warriors tried to foil Machinesmith's plans of releasing a techno-virus, their mission turned out to be a disaster. Separated from Beak, Angel was captured by the villain alongside other Warriors.[38] Struggling to fight for their lives, the New Warriors were ultimately reunited and destroyed Machinesmith's headquarters.[39]

Captured by the Machinesmith

Following a confrontation with Skrulls, during the Skrull Invasion, and a brief disagreement with the original New Warriors,[40] the group was targeted by S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Cape-Killers, costing the lives of two members of the New Warriors. To prevent the deaths of their friends, the New Warriors attempted to travel back in time.[41] As they failed, Night Thrasher realized the consequences of his manipulations and, supported by Jubilee, decided to disband the New Warriors for good.[42]

Angel and Beak, even powerless, kept active in the super-hero duty. They joined a new incarnation of the Teen Brigade to assist super-heroes such as the Ultimate Nullifier and Ms. America in their good work. Alongside Beak, Angel assisted America in rescuing the In-Betweener from a government confinement center.[6] Angel, alongside the Ultimate Nullifier and Beak, were informed by the In-Betweener that the balance between Order and Chaos under threat.[43] To prevent it, Angel and Beak invaded Doctor Octopus's hideout to save him from the Young Masters.[44]

Angel and Beak lament Ms. America's disappearance

When trying to stop the Young Masters from recruiting Loki to their cause, Ms. America was exiled to the Sixth Dimension, leaving Angel and Beak in a desperate state.[45] The conflict between the Teen Brigade and the Young Masters escalated when they learned about a big event to be hold in Latveria.[46] Following a violent conflict during the event, the Teen Brigade defeated the Young Masters. However, an invasion from the Sixth Dimension was in course, which was only stopped when the Ultimate Nullifier shot the In-Betweener, restoring the balance of the cosmos.[47] Though the Teen Brigade kept together for a while, the team eventually disbanded.[48]


It is assumed that Angel, similarly to Beak, regained her mutant abilities as a result of the global outbreak of the power-bestowing Mothervine virus.[49] When Charles Xavier established a mutant paradise nation on the island of Krakoa, all mutants were granted Krakoan citizenship.[50] Angel and Beak refused to move to the island, since Beak's human father was struggling with a rare form of dementia and was in need of specific aids. The couple moved to a farmhouse in Pilger, Nebraska.[51]

The Bohusk family

Wanting to make sure that all mutants could have joined the Krakoan society, Armor decided to form a small squad to track down missing mutants, including Angel and Beak and bring them to Krakoa. When visiting the Bohusk Farmhouse, she used Krakoa's wonder drugs to cure Beak's father of his illness. Unfortunately, a group of mercenaries from Costa Perdita known as the Bohem Cartel followed Armor's team on their journey to Nebraska and captured Beak and Angel's children in order to negotiate for Krakoan medicine.[11] For three days, Angel's family and Armor's team were kept captive in the Bohusk Farmhouse. Angel eventually managed to free Armor's team using her digestive acid powers.[51] The mutants overpowered the Bohem Cartel, but the villainous leader, Túmulo assassinated Beak's parents. Days later, Angel and Beak recovered at the Krakoan Healing Gardens. There, it was revealed that the telepathic twins Maxime and Manon inadvertently erased all memories about Beak's parents' deaths from Angel's, Beak's, and their kids' minds.[52]

The Bohusk family apparently settled home in the Akademos Habitat alongside other young mutants. Angel returned to her Tempest identity by using the temperature controlling gauntlets she used to wear when she was a member of the New Warriors. On Akademos, she helped the New Mutants with their training activities.[14]


Power Grid[57]
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Angel is a mutant. Her powers manifest as a series of body alterations granting her superhuman abilities similar to those of a common housefly. She possesses the following abilities:

Insectoid Physiology: During the onset of Angel's mutation, she spun a cocoon around herself that changed her body's physical makeup, making her inner body similar to that of a housefly that had undergone complete metamorphosis. The main changes in her body was the manifestation of a single pair of wings and the ability to produce and secrete digestive acid.[15] Angel's reproductive system also changed, causing her to have a very short gestation period of 5 days and to lay eggs like an insect. After her pregnancy, Angel produced produced eggs from her body that were held upside down by a sticky substance.[23]

Angel spitting acid

  • Acid Production: Angel has the ability to produce and secrete digestive acid that can be used both as a weapon and to help her feed. The acid is very corrosive and can be used to melt most substances. When threatened, Angel can spit massive amounts of her digestive acid.[15][51] Similarly to a housefly, Angel uses her acid to soften food before sucking it up.[2][27]

Angel flying

  • Winged Flight: After Angel burst out of her first cocoon, she had grown a pair of veined, cellophane-like insectoid wings that allow her to fly.[15] However, she initially manifested poor aerial maneuverability and needed to have her flight skills.[15][53][20]
  • Sonic Vibrational Capacities: When vibrating her her wings at high speeds, Angel can create deafening sonic blasts powerful enough to shatter glass and to immobilize those around her.



After losing her mutants powers, Angel joined the New Warriors – young vigilantes who use technology to mimic superpowers. Angel was given a pair of temperature-controlling gauntlets and a set of anti-gravity discs given to her by Donyell Taylor, the Night Thrasher.[36]

Tempest's gauntlets

  • Temperature-controlling gauntlets: Angel owns a pair of temperature-controlling gauntlets that allow her to generate either intense heat or cold. On her right wrist, she wears a gauntlet that can blasts flames, while on her left wrist she wears a gauntlet that create ice.[4] Each gauntlet contain pellets that can generate either heat or cold.[54] The gauntlets run on batteries.[55]
  • Anti-gravity discs: Angel also was granted a set of anti-gravity discs that allow her to mimic her flight abilities. The equipment works differently from her wings, demanding from her a different sense of control.[56]


  • Angel was among the thousands of mutants depowered on M-Day.[33] Recently, however, she has appeared with her mutant abilities restored through unknown means.[51] Given that her depowered husband Beak was seen regaining his own abilities due to Mothervine,[49] it's possible Angel went through the same event.


  • Angel's name ironically contrasts with her behavior and her repulsive mutant powers. Unlike an "angel", she originally exhibited a flippant attitude and dubious conduct. The paradoxical nature of her name is mocked by Emma Frost.[17]
  • Originally, in the New X-Men series, Angel's personality blended aspects of avoidance and disrespect towards others that in fact masked brave and heroic ideals. Moreover, she was physically depicted as a slightly overweight black teenager with afro-textured hair. Some time later, her representation changed drastically. In the New Warriors series, Angel is a skinny young woman and wears straightened hair. She also assumes a more emotive and syrupy personality, which can be seen as very divergent from the character's original tone. In her next appearances, in the Vengeance series, some original aspects of Angel both in appearance and personality were brought back.
  • Angel's codename from her period with the New Warriors, "Tempest", designates a violent storm and can be also used figuratively as a synonym of "turmoil" or "mayhem".

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