Zamora was the virtual reality technician who worked for a studio in Lotusland where, however, the employees were used as their property. His technology was used to imprison the Hulk, but the latter managed to awaken his conscience to the point of rebelling and fighting the Crowd Control guards and in the fight he was injured. He was assisted by the Hulk who took him to a doctor to heal his wounds.[1]

Left paralyzed from injuries sustained during the rebellion, Zamora put himself in charge of the workers of the Lotusland studio making sure it remained a democracy and that no corporation was to get their hands on the studio by refusing any collaboration with them certain that the Hulk would support him.[2]

When Cybershaman sought the Hulk's support to destroy all electronic equipment to thwart the corporations, Quirk reminded the Hulk that the lack of energy would make Zamora's life support stop working by killing him, so the Hulk refused to help the Cybershamane. attacked him. At the end of the fight, zamora agreed to become the Democratic Leader of Lotusland.[3]

Zamora began therapy with Quirk's help to regain the use of her legs and had to counter the constant pricking of Keisha who aimed to become the leader of Lotusland. When Dr. Apolonio made a technological discovery, approaching his machinery, people began to behave in an unnatural way with respect to their character and Zamora also suffered its influence.[4]

Influenced by the power of Dr. Apollo, Zamora was devoured by artistic megalomania, seeing everything that happened as an extreme art, projecting his artistic ideas as a weapon against the Hulk, but with the defeat of Dr. Apollo by the Hulk and his weakening, Zamora and all the others returned to their normal character.[5]

Zamora was ready for the first Lotusland production since they ousted Draco, and it was the story of Rosa Palumbo, a past activist that the corporations tried to wipe from history, but with Doom's takeover of America, Zamora said that they would produce VR programs that told the truth about Doom starting with the 20th century Dr. Doom while temporarily leaving out the story of Rosa. After a heated discussion Zamora and Quirk smoothed out their differences and began to have a love affair with regret on the part of the Hulk who had affection for Quirk.[6]

Taking advantage of the momentary absence of the Hulk who was struggling on a Doom platform, Draco and his armies stormed Lotusland to regain power and caught Zamora and Quirk off guard. Zamora tried to resist guns in hand but failed and Draco's men kidnapped Quirk. At the end of the conflict, Draco was defeated by the Hulk and Zamora found an agreement with Doom, considering him the lesser of evils, but this greatly angered Quirk who told him that he had betrayed their dream, so he hit him and went away.[7]

Wanting Dr. Apollo's technology, Doom imposed his control over Lotusland by infuriating the Hulk who began fighting Doom's forces causing damage to the studio, Zamora then accepted Doom's terms and asked the hulk to leave the studios, even though he did. he realized that he had betrayed his own ideals of freedom and democracy.[8]

To get out of the impasse, John Eisenhardt pretended to kill Zamora by hitting him with a low intensity weapon thus giving him the opportunity to escape from a Lotusland now under Doom's control and to join Quirl in the Human tribe to be able to fight the corporations.[9]



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