Angela Daskalakis was headmistress of the Alchemax School for Gifted Youngsters in Westchester County, New York. She oversaw the education of Kron Stone, Xina Kwan, and Miguel O'Hara. Kron's escalating bullying against the other students reached the point of attempted murder, and Angela personally stepped in to knock the homicidal Kron into submission.

Angela brought Kron before the student review board for disciplinary action and expulsion. Kron expected his father's influence to keep him out of trouble, but after Xina testified against him and Miguel tricked Kron into admitting he tried to kill him and then attacking him in front of the review board, Kron's fate was sealed. Tyler Stone tried to intimidate Angela into reversing the decision, but she refused to back down from him. Although Kron was expelled, it was implied Tyler did manage to get Angela fired from the school eventually.

Years later, Angela was associated with an Indy Town known as Nightshade.[1] They had developed some interesting tech dating back to recovered Heroic Age materials. Nightshade was attacked by corporate headhunters while Miguel and Xina were visiting Angela, and she died in the resulting explosion.[2]



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