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Golddigger was first observed as one of the costumed female criminals summoned to Superia's island as part of her plot to form an army of allies and sterilize the rest of the world, leaving her in power. Golddigger fought Captain America and his allies there, but left when Superia's plot was halted by them. Shortly thereafter, she was at a bar when Asp and Black Mamba began their search for Snapdragon. She was among those who attacked them for their interference with Superia's plans.[1]

Golddigger was contacted by a bartender in New Orleans when Diamondback and Zachary Moonhunter arrived and began questioning the whereabouts of Snapdragon. She pretended to offer them a lead, but then gassed them and brought them before her employer, Damon Dran's child-slavery ring. She was opposed by Captain America and Americop before attempting to flee aboard Dran's helicopter. She was climbing up its ladder when it was shot down and exploded by Americop. It is unknown if she is still alive.[2]



Highly skilled athlete and fighter.



Golddigger's distracting costume is designed to throw male attackers off-guard.

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