Near the end of the Vietnam conflict, Angela Wynoski was head of the cryptography department in the U.S embassy in Saigon, where she became acquainted with two Marines, Frank Castle and Quincy Jefferson. Although she and Castle originally dated, Angela ultimately married Quincy. Fifteen years later, Angela was living in San Domingo, a corrupt Central American country, with Quincy, who was now a DEA agent investigating the country’s government. Also with them was their daughter Laura, and they were at some point took in Esteban Ramone, a runaway whose father was none other than the country’s drug kingpin, Hector Ramone.

Early in his career as the Punisher, Castle came to San Domingo with the intention of killing Captain de Ortega, the country’s official ruler and puppet of the drug cartels. He happened to be reunited with the Jeffersons, who had heard of the murder of Castle’s family half a year earlier. While Quincy was having a discussion over Castle’s intentions in San Domingo, a hit squad attacked the Jeffersons’ home, killing Angela and her husband, and kidnapping Laura. Swearing vengeance, the Punisher – aided by Esteban – rescued Laura and ultimately killed Hector Ramone.

In the aftermath, Laura and Esteban were sent to live with Angela's sister in Idaho, while the Punisher completed his mission to assassinate Captain de Ortega.



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