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Angela worked as a photographer for the Daily Bugle. She took pictures of a Cussler's fine China franchise store in Uptown, which was allegedly destroyed by the Scorpion. In Herald Square, she also caught on film Spider-Man attacking Phillip Cussler, Sr.[1]

When Peter Parker was arrested, she and reporter Ben Urich interviewed the people who had known him the longest.[2]. She later introduced herself to Peter Parker, being a fan of his work.[3]

Angela followed reporter Ken Ellis to interview Mr. Tso at his own Club Noir, and was later saved by the Scarlet Spider from the Pro.[4]

Angela then mistook Ben Reilly as Peter Parker, thinking he was there undercover for an insides scoop on Tso.[5] Yin also took pictures of the Scarlet Spider when he attached hundreds of weblines to the Daily Bugle Building and began to tear it down.[6] Following the trail of destruction left by the Scarlet Spider, she then proceeded to Ben Reilly's home.[7]

Angela was then assigned by Jameson to investigate the Spider-Skeleton story with Ellis and Urich.[8]

A short time later, Angela met Mary Jane Watson when she visited the Daily Bugle Building with her husband Peter.[9] Angela was among the many friends who visited Peter Parker when he was hospitalized after collapsing without any warning.[10] She then found Mary Jane Watson-Parker at the New York Hospital, who was having complications with her baby.[11]

Back to the Daily Bugle, Angela witnessed the final battle between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin.[12]

She wished to follow Ben Urich when he was investigating on the Black Tarantula, but he was already meeting Parker.[13]

Angela met her cousin Meiko at the South Street Seaport carnival.[14] She later introduced her to Robbie Robertson.[15] Meiko was then ordered to kill Angela or be killed, but, when she received the opportunity, she fled.[16]

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