Angelica Rojas controlled an organization that was involved in human smuggling and drug trafficking (heroin mostly, sometimes cocaine or marijuana). That recruited the poorest and most desperate at the migrant camps, to swallow heroin balloons to smuggle into the United States. On one of the smuggling attempts, 19 men, women, and children died in a trailer on the U.S. side of the border carrying 10 lbs of heroin.

Seeking justice for them, Wolverine swam across the Rio Grande into Mexico. After interrogating criminals, he stormed Angelica Rosa's mansion, taking out it's defenders. Only to find out the boss was a woman, and a pregnant one at that. Who admitted that the mules died and that she was responsible. Informing him that it was an accident, one that cost her time, money, and resources. She then told him that she was responsible for the deaths of dozens, some of them by her own hand and others on her orders.

Wolverine left, after which she went into labor. He returned 20 hours later to find her in labor, alone as her guards were all dead or had fled because of him. She delivered the baby and then died, after which Wolverine took the child with him to the United States and would later give it to her sister.[1]


None, human.

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