Quote1.png There is only one mission now. One goal. What I do now, I do in the memory of the only man I ever loved... Otto Octavius. I'm doing this for you, dearest. In your name I swear vengeance... on this so-called Superior Spider-Man! Quote2.png
Stunner (Angelina Brancale)[src]


Stunner was originally a video store clerk but she managed to get a job working for Carolyn Trainer, a former student of Otto Octavius, a.k.a Doctor Octopus. She immediately fell in love with Octavius, her devotion to him only increasing when he used his virtual reality technology to make Angelina powerful and beautiful, dedicating herself to him and everything he did.

She was first seen using her virtual powers to destroy a bar. While in her Virtual form she tried to resurrect Octavius (who was killed by Kaine) after a battle with Spider-Man. As her real body was actually tied down into the virtual reality machine, the explosion that followed the resurrection knocked her true form into a coma from which took her years to awake from.

Upon hearing that her love, Otto Octavius, was dead, she swore vengeance on the one responsible for it: the Superior Spider-Man (not knowing that this one is actually Otto trapped in Peter's body). [1]

Using Octavius machine, Angelina once again takes the form of Stunner and tries to hunt down Spider-Man, causing havoc in the city in order to draw the attention of his Spider-bots and minions and lure him. Otto, in Parker's body, tries to calm her down and almost reveals his secret (that he's actually Otto Octavius), but Stunner's blind rage prevents him to do so. Seeing no other option, Superior Spider-Man engages to battle, rendering Stunner powerless with his new and stronger web formula. He then sends a holographic transmission signal to his Spider-bots and order them to shut down the machine Angelina is connected to.

Stunner returns

As "Parker" goes to the university to meet his girlfriend Anna Maria, Stunner breaks out of his web and pursues Spider-Man, throwing a bus at him. As he holds the bus with his webs, his Spider-bots manage to sever the connection of the Virtual Reality Machine, destroying Stunner and leaving Angelina unconscious. Upon getting to Angelina's apartment, Spider-Man takes the V.R. Machine and take to his lab, where he creates a Virtual Otto Octavius back to his former glory in order to calm down Angelina and make her think Doc Ock is still alive. "Parker" uses this opportunity to break up with Angelina, saying that he has found a new love and will always care for Angelina. She is last seen in her apartment, crying on her knees, as the Virtual Otto Octavius leaves the scene. [2]

Powers and Abilities

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Superhuman Strength: When in Virtual Form, Stunner possesses great superhuman strength, able to lift approximately 50 tons.

Superhuman Reflexes: Stunner possesses reflexes as good or better than the finest human athlete.

Superhuman Endurance: Stunner possesses a durable and resilient body strong enough to withstand conventional firepower.


Stunner is able to escape from difficult situations by reverting back to Angelina, in the VR machine, and therefore vanishing from the location her 'Stunner' form is in.

Physical Strength

Superhuman to an extent that seems far greater than Spider-Man. She has been shown to easily break down walls, uproot trees, and was able to throw a city bus at Spider-Man from hundreds of feet away.


Her powers rely on the technology that projects her artificial virtual form as Stunner.



Virtual Reality Technology


Stunner has spiked gauntlets.


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