After Angelo's mutant powers manifested, he decided to leave his family in California to attend the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. He traveled to New York by bus where he was met Emma Frost and Sean Cassidy. He also met another new student, Jubilee, and the two became quick friends.[1]

Using is computer expertise, Skin was able to bypass Cerebro's security protocols and gain access to restricted areas of the X-Mansion where he found the Dream Machine. Along with Jubilee, he began secretly experimenting with the Dream Machine and traveling into the Dream Dimension. In the Dream Dimension, Skin visited Kayla a local girl he had a crush on until he encountered by Tresh. Tresh forced Skin to reunite his mind and body, and ultimately Tresh betrayed Skin. Luckily Skin was able to alert Jubilee to his location and capture through her dreams. Jubilee along with the other members of Generation X traveled into the Dream Dimension to battle Tresh. Gaining control of his powers for the first time, Skin was able to defeat Tresh and narrowly escape.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Skin is a mutant with powers similar to his alternate universe counterparts, including:

  • Dermatoplasticity: Skin is able to stretch his skin and limbs over great distances. Skin has only recently been able to voluntarily utilize this ability without causing immense pain. Skin refers to it as 'thermo flexibility manipulation'.[1]


  • Skin is very skills with electronics and computers. He was able to bypass Cerebro's security protocols and gain access to restricted areas of the X-Mansion.[1]


  • Skin's stretching caused him immense pain and is often involuntary.[1]


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