Angie Huang was an early high-achiever. She boasted an impressive resume as a paralegal. Prior to working at the Law Offices of Jennifer Walters, PLLC, Angie took time off of her professional career to travel.[1] Angie had also demonstrated mysterious paranormal magical abilities.[2]

She assisted Jen Walters during several cases including the emancipation of Kristoff Vernard,[2] gaining the legal rights of Patsy Walker Enterprises from Hedy Wolfe,[3] defending Steve Rogers,[4] and facing Nightwatch.[5][6]

Angie Huang (Earth-616) and Hei Hei (Earth-616) from She-Hulk Vol 4 6 001

Hei Hei resurrecting Angie


Angie Huang has demonstrated mysterious, powerful paranormal magical abilities including:

  • Familiar: Angie appears to have a psychic or spiritual connection with Hei Hei, her pet white-headed capuchin monkey.[1] She is never seen without Hei Hei.
  • Psychic Influence: Angie can implant a psychic suggestion to subtly influence the thought and actions of others.[2]
  • Retrocognition: She is able to see events of the past.[7]
  • Resurrection: After being shot in the head,[7] Angie was resurrected by Hei Hei breathing life into her.[5]
  • Energy Manipulation: Angie has been seen to redirect magma blasts from Volcana.[8]
  • Detecting Magical Influences: Angie can detect when others are under the influence of magical spells or psychic manipulation.[6][9]

  • Angie loved scented candles. Her favorite was evergreen.[9]

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