Angie Martinelli is a waitress at the L&L Diner. She is friendly with one of her frequent customers, Peggy Carter. When she realized Peggy needed to find a new place to live, Angie suggested she move into her building. Peggy, who unknown to Angie is a secret agent working for the SSR whose previous roommate was killed, turned down Angie's offer, and she took it personally. However, Peggy eventually agreed to look into the room, and moved in after successfully interviewing with Miriam Fry, the building's supervisor.[1][2]

When the SSR arrived at the Griffith to arrest Peggy, Angie found Peggy hanging outside her bedroom window. Her room was soon searched by the SSR, but Angie manages to keep Agent Thompson's attention away from the window using her acting skills, pretending to cry and forcing him to comfort her. As soon as the agents are gone, she lets Peggy in and arranged for her brother to drop off his car so she could escape the city. As she bid farewell to Peggy, she tells her that she would wants answers one day. Unfortunately, soon after Peggy went out the door, she was captured by the SSR.[3]

After Peggy's exoneration and the defeat of Leviathan, Angie becomes Peggy's roommate after they receive a luxurious apartment courtesy of Howard Stark.[4]

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