First Line-Up

The Ani-Men were a group of criminals hand-picked by the Organizer to orchestrate a crime wave that would benefit his reform party. Their original line-up consisted of Frog-Man, Cat-Man, Bird-Man, and Ape-Man.[1] They were defeated by Daredevil[2] who later fought them several more times.

In his bid to take control of NORAD, Count Nefaria added Dragonfly to the team and empowered the Ani-Men with super powers. They were decisively defeated by the new team of X-Men.[3]

Later they were apparently slain by a bomb set by Spymaster.[4]

Second Line-Up

The second line-up, who actually referred to themselves as the Unholy Three (a name previously used by their three predecessors when working without Frog-Man), consisted of Ape-Man, Bird-Man, and Cat-Man.

Recruited by Death-Stalker, fought Daredevil. Ape-Man and Cat-Man were later slain by Death-Stalker; Bird-Man escaped this fate, having already been captured, but was subsequently slain by Scourge (he has since been resurrected by the Hood).[5]

Third Line-Up

The third (and current) line-up consists of Giraffe-Man, Great Horned Owl-Man, Pig-Man, and Rabbit-Woman. In their only known appearance they attacked a modeling convention in Milwaukee citing animal rights issues as their motive. They blamed the modeling industry for everything from animal testing of cosmetics to the wearing of furs. The Great Lakes Avengers showed up on the scene to fight the Ani-Men, but were beating to it by the Avengers who quickly dispatched the criminals.[6]

Their current whereabouts are unknown.

Fourth Lineup

Later, a new group of criminals surfaced wearing the Ani-Men costumes of Ape-Man, Cat-Man and Frog-Man and robbed an armored car.[7]

Then, during the Civil War, A new Bird-Man, Ape-Man and Cat-Man were amongst the criminals seen recruited by Hammerhead.[8][9]


The Ani-Men should not be confused with the Animen, a group of New Men sent by the High Evolutionary to sabotage one of the Jackal's labs.

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