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Not much is known about Battleaxe's history before she became a member of the Grapplers, the female division of the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation. Along with the other Grapplers, Battleaxe apparently gained superhuman strength and durability thanks to being submitted by the Grapplers' manager Auntie Freeze for the Power Broker's strength-boosting treatments.[1]

One of Battleaxe's first acts in the group was to challenge its then leader Titania (now known as Lascivious) to about to decide who would lead the group. Battleaxe won, but soon after, Titania was shot and killed by one of the assassins known as the Scourge of the Underworld, who was disguised as a female wrestler. Battleaxe suspected the UCWF member the Thing of the killing and attacked him with the other Grapplers, but was stopped by their teammate Sharon Ventura, who convinced them of his innocence.[1]

Later, Battleaxe showed up as a member of Superia's all-female army of superhumans, the Femizons. While aboard Superia's ship heading to her island, Battleaxe was one of the many Femizons who attacked and captured the heroes Captain America and Paladin, who had been following the women. [2]

After the Femizons were defeated by Captain America and Paladin with the help of the mercenaries Diamondback, Black Mamba, and Asp, who had been reluctant recruits to the Femizons, Superia put a bounty out on the three women. Battleaxe and two other Femizons, Steel Wind and Golddigger came upon Asp and Black Mamba in a Bar with No Name and tried to bring them in, but they were defeated by the pair, who were helped by their new friend Impala.[3]

More recently, Battleaxe clashed with the heroine Ms. Marvel, but was again defeated.[4]



Battleaxe possesses superhuman strength, stamina, and durability as a result of the Power Broker's treatment.


Battleaxe is a trained wrestler and is apparently skilled at using axes in battle.



Battleaxe wields a pair of double-headed axes in combat.

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