Anitun was a Diwata, a race of superhumanly powerful humanoid beings who were worshipped by the various ethnic groups in the Philippine archipelago from approximately 4000 BC until the 16th century AD. She was the godess of wind, lightning, and rain.[2] Anitun was a friend of Thor, a member of the Asgardian pantheon with abilities similar to her.[3]

Even though Diwatas worship on Earth had been largely supplanted by Christianity, Anitun was one of the Diwatas that notably remained taking active interest in humanity's welfare. For centuries, she chose a mortal host to serve as her embodiment on Earth. When her host died, she chose a new host from the same mortal bloodline, usually the previous hosts' daughter. The bloodline of Anitun hosts formed part of the familial group of superheroes known as the Triumph Division which operated in Manila, Philippines.[2]

One of Anitun's hosts met a horrible end when the Triumph Division were attacked by suicide bombers during a ceremony in Plaza de Roma. The funeral of Anitun's host was attended by both Iron Man, since he was the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Thor, since he was friends with Anitun.[3] Not long afterwards, the late members of the team were succeeded by their relatives, and Anitun transferred her life essence to a new host.[4]


Atmokinesis: Anitun possessed the ability to manipulate the weather, most notably creating wind, lightning and rain.[2]

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