When the society climbing witch named Anjulie came to the court of the King, she used her magic to entice the King and to coerce him into asking for her to marry him. Once they were wed, she forced her step-daughter Kymri from the city and began to rule the planet with an iron fist and seemingly began to drain the world of its life force. She forced the king into the role of the High Priest. Also while ruling the planet, the Slavers began to fear her and to not pouch in her territories.

As the High Priest, Anjulie used her magic on him to disfigure and weaken him both physically and mentally until he was completely under her command. Thinking her father was dead, Kymri became the one person in the whole world that Anjulie feared and began a rebellion against her rule.

Sometime later, during a battle between Anjulie's forces and the pirates under the command of Kymri, a flying train containing the members of Excalibur arrived in their reality and one of their members, Nightcrawler was thrown from the train and landing on the flying ship where the two forces her battling. Nightcrawler bested them, and an exhausted Kymri asked him if he knew what he had done. Nightcrawler was confused and was knocked out from behind by Anjulie.

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Anjulie informed Nightcrawler that he had saved her and that all of the pirates were killed in the battle, including Kymri before seducing him in her bathtub. Later, when they were in bed together, a servant named Pica accidentally spilled a drop of wine on her hand. Nightcrawler charmingly kissed it away but noticed that Pica was terrified for his life and started to suspect she was not what she seems.

When Nightcrawler awakened after his evening of carnal pleasure with Anjulie, she was talking to her robed priest, suspected something was afoot and followed them to the dungeons of the ship. There, he found Pica had been tortured and Kymri imprisoned in a cell, who tried to kill him through the bars.

Feeling guilty for backing the wrong side, Nightcrawler freed Kymri, and they tracked Anjulie to the bowels of the floating ship. There, the two find Anjulie and her High Priest worshipping a huge, tentacled creature that was draining the life out of Kurt's Excalibur teammates. Nightcrawler attacked the creature in order to save his teammates while Kymri went after Anjulie.

Anjulie (Earth-1289) from Excalibur Vol 1 16 0003

Kymri killed the High Priest who came to her defense but was devastated to see she had accidentally killed her own father, who has been deformed by Anjulie's magic. While Kymri was distracted, Anjulie attacked from behind and tried to stab her with a dagger but was herself killed by Shadowcat. The two women, however, were grabbed by the monster, who started to drain Shadowcat once again.

Nightcrawler realized the monster was attracted to their mutant powers and threw Phoenix into the creature's mouth, since it had avoided her. His trick worked, and the creature was destroyed by the vast power of the Phoenix Force.[1]


Anjulie possessed an unknown aptitude of magical powers, mostly centered around summoning creatures with dark characteristics.

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