Ankhesenamun was the daughter of Akhnaton.

She was married to her father, and had intercourse with him.[1]

Marriage with Tutankhamon

At nine years old, Akhnaton's brother[1] (or son or step-son)[2] Tutankhamun succeeded him and was married at the same time to Ankhesenaum, making her his wife, niece and daughter-in-law, for her tot be queen.

Ankhesenamun, forced into that marriage, hated Tutankhamun. On their wedding night, Tutankhamun played with toys as his wife had intercourse with other men. Tutankhamun himself considered Akhenaten to be a pervert.

At 17-years old, Tutankhamun was jealous of Ankhesenamun being "friendly" with all the men of the court, including Horemheb, while himself was denied, unlike Akhenaten.

As he pressured Ankhesenamun, she presented him to her lover, a jackal-headed god whom Tutankhamun attempted to slay, only to be killed by a blast from the god's wand.

After an instant of mourning where she shouted at the god to go away (which he did in a flying pyramid), and after stating the inconvenience of her lover's departure and of her husband's death, Ankhesenamun sent a missive to the King of the Hittites for him to send a grownup son to be her new husband.[1]

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