Orphaned at an early age, Ankhi Gottberg[1] once looked human. This changed when her powers manifested, causing her hair to fall out and her skin to turn black. Horrified by her new appearance, Ankhi ran away from the orphanage, fearing that she would be thrown out.[2]

On the streets and drug-addict

After spending a period on the streets, Ankhi met Sven, who introduced her to heroin. The two became lovers and were relatively happy together until their dealer, Bjorn, overdosed while they were at his house. Fearing that he was dead and that they would be accused of murder, they ran, but not before Sven stole Bjorn's stash in order to sell it later. Unbeknownst to them, Bjorn was revived shortly afterwards.

Sven took Ankhi to his sister's house, where they hid out, but Sven's sister and her friends used up all the heroin and then kicked Sven and Ankhi out. Shortly after, a vengeful Bjorn caught up with Sven and killed him. The shock caused Ankhi's powers to kick in, causing her third eye to blind Bjorn and his enforcers, and thus allowing her to escape.

Ankhi ended up on the streets, where she was arrested and thrown in jail. Still addicted to heroin, she spent several nearly-unbearable days getting clean.

Afterwards, she was approached by a man from an unspecified organization who offered to help her master her powers.[2]


Her activities and whereabouts since then remain unrevealed, but she is presumed to be depowered since M-Day.[1]


  • Illusions: Ankhi is able to project illusions from her third eye, which often make the victims to be blinded for a time.
  • Multiple Eyes


Ankhi's powers were suppressed or weakened by her heroin use.

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