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Ann was an astronaut when she met Stephen (also a former astronaut). The two would fall in love, marry and have a son, Benny. Professionally, were also the creators and heads of the Edmond Project, a joint effort by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to investigate astronomical events.[1]

As the culmination of the project, Stephen Beckley piloted a spacecraft that encountered an apparent comet passing through the solar system. Beckley lost directional control of his spacecraft; which was drawn into the tail of the comet, apparently dying. However, instead, he had an alien encounter and was granted great powers. Despite revealing that he was alive to their colleague David Hilbert, Hilbert allowed Ann to continue to believe her husband was dead and he quarantined Beckley, subjecting him to tests of his new superhuman abilities.[1]

Stephen Beckley later escaped captivity, unaware that his wife and son had also been made prisoners. Ann made an escape attempt, taking Benny with her, but was accidentally killed when she made contact with an electrical fence. [1]

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