Ann Fraley was a professional female wrestler in her youth, wrestling under the name 'Auntie Freeze'. After retiring as a wrestler herself, she became the manager to a group of four younger female wrestlers, Davida DeVito (known as Titania), Melissa Gold (known as Screaming Mimi), Marian Pouncy (known as Poundcakes), and Hellen Feliciano (known as Letha), who collectively became known as the Grapplers.[1]

The Grapplers' careers, however, weren't as successful as their male counterparts, however, and they drifted into petty crime. Eventually, the four wrestlers made a deal with the criminal Roxxon Oil company, who gave the women special powers and equipment so they could commit crimes on their behalf. The Grapplers' schemes were often thwarted, however, and they were imprisoned at least once.[1]

Eventually, Auntie Freeze was approached by the Power Broker, who offered her the chance to have her clients' strength increased to superhuman levels thanks to his strength-boosting treatments, Auntie Freeze agreed, and the Grapplers' strength was increased. Auntie Freeze also recruited a number of other female wrestlers to join the Grapplers and had their strength boosted too. As a result, the Grapplers were eligible to join the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation and became its female division, welcoming the respectability it provided, away from their life of crime.[1]

Shortly thereafter, two of the Grapplers, Titania and Letha, were murdered by the assassins known as the Scourge of the Underworld (though they were later mystically resurrected). [1]

The Grapplers and the UCWF eventually disbanded, with many of the Grapplers turning to crime (and in the case of Melissa Gold eventually becoming a superhero under the name of Songbird). Auntie Freeze's current activities are unknown.


Ann Fraley was a trained wrestler as a young woman, and presumably retained much of this knowledge even as an elderly woman.

It is possible that Auntie Freeze underwent the Power Broker's strength-augmenting procedure alongside her clients.

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