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Anna-Marie was raised by her two adoptive mothers, Raven Darkhölme and Irene Adler, until Darkhölme and Adler tested X-Gene positive and were arrested. Because Anna-Marie was adopted, she was not tested at the same time as her mothers. Instead of being taken into custody she went rogue, dropped off the radar, and survived on the streets of various Mississippi towns before heading East.[1]

Legacy encountered the Mutant Liberation Front in New York City prior to their attacks on Trask Corporation subsidiaries. Her implication in the attack was unproven, but it was confirmed that Legacy gathered intel for the MLF by using her mutant powers to make casual skin-to-skin contact with employees and steal their memories.

She was also likely (but again, without confirmation) involved in several other terrorist attacks in Genosha, San Francisco, and New York. At an unknown point prior to the erection of Fortress X, Legacy met Magneto and joined his cause, also possibly becoming his lover.[1]

When Magneto created Fortress X, a haven for mutants, by stealing several buildings from New York, Legacy came with him. She gained a new duty in Fortress X: absorbing the memories of those that died in the constant battle against the humans who maintained a constant siege over the Fortress. This duty earned her the nickname "Reaper".



Presumably those of Rogue (Anna Marie) (Earth-616)#Powers


  • Referred to as "Reaper" by certain individuals, but prefers to go by the name "Legacy."[2]

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