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Anna Maria was the daughter of a bishop who was kept safe by Master Coulson in one of the castle's room, as instructed by her father. In the last new moon, she managed to escape the castle and returned somewhat different, which led Coulson to chain her to her bed. Seeing the girl was not mad as Coulson said she was, Serah demanded her to be freed and told Angela to keep an eye on her. As the days passed, Sera tried to find a way to defeat the Enchantress while Angela kept Anna Maria safe. One night, Angela heard strange noises coming from Anna Maria's room and went there to check if everything was right. She found the girl crying, frightened by the Enchantress' voice inside her head. The girl asked Angela to tell her a story to calm her down, and so she did. But that was in vain as the Enchantress took control of the girl's body and attacked Angela. The girl managed to regain consciousness though, and in an attempt to be free again, used Angela's weapon to kill herself. Serah showed up and was able to revive the girl, who was a Faustian no more. As Anna Maria didn't die, Serah thought she was safe from the Enchantress' wrath, but she was wrong as the Faerie rose from the blood of her lost Faustian and took Serah's life, fulfilling her menace.[1]

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