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Quote1 Wow. Moving kind of fast, aren't we Slick? But that's what I like about you. You want a doctorate? You get it. Your own company? Boom. There it is. You help out Spider-Man, you look after your Aunt. Anything you want to do, you just do it... and do it well, no excuses, just results. You're amazing. Quote2
Anna Maria Marconi[src]


Anna Maria Marconi was a student at Empire State University, where she met Otto Octavius, who was in the body of Peter Parker.[3] She dated "Peter Parker", and was very supportive of Peter's pursuits, she has developed fish with a bioluminescent gene, to be used as a green energy light source.

During the period where the Goblin Army assaulted New York, Anna was unknowingly kidnapped by Menace, who was in her human guise, lying to Anna that Mary Jane had sent her to get Anna out of the city safely.[4]

Anna was eventually rescued by Peter, who had reclaimed his body due to the sacrifice of Otto Octavius.[5] Anna, in the aftermath, determined that Peter was in fact Spider-Man as well as that he had "planned" to propose. She was unaware that during that time, Octavius was in control.[6]

When Peter returned home, Anna confronted him with this knowledge. Peter chose to disclose to her not only that he was Spider-Man, but that Octavius was in control since before they met.[6] Anna, surprisingly, took the information in stride though left for few hours to process this new truth.

When she returned Anna offered to assist Peter in the project that Octavius was overseeing. She also offered information about the events that had unfolded while he was "away." Peter in turn promised to help her in any way, such as promising that she would always have a place at his company and he would let her stay in their apartment for as long as she needed to.[7]


  • She uses baking as a way to cope with stressful situations.[7]


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