(Dating is not a marital status)
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| Citizenship = American
| Citizenship = American
| MaritalStatus = Single
| MaritalStatus = Dating
| Occupation = Researcher at Parker Industries
| Occupation = Researcher at Parker Industries
| Education =
| Education =

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Quote1.png Wow. Moving kind of fast, aren't we Slick? But that's what I like about you. You want a doctorate? You get it. Your own company? Boom. There it is. You help out Spider-Man, you look after your Aunt. Anything you want to do, you just do it... and do it well, no excuses, just results. You're amazing. Quote2.png
Anna Maria Marconi[src]


Anna Maria Marconi was a student at Empire State University, where she met Peter Parker.[1]. She is currently dating Peter Parker, and is very supportive of Peter's pursuits, she has developed fish with a bio-luminescent gene, to be used as a green energy light source.

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