Runaway was a former member of the Judgment League Avengers of Romani descent who spoke with a strong Texan accent, until the metamutant faction of the team split into an independent group, the Justice League X-Men or JLX. Runaway was among the metamutants who went to search for Atlantis, despite trying to protect Aqua-Mariner from himself.[1]

Runaway disappeared after the passing of the Armageddon Agenda, but later rejoined the JLX when they were assembled by Amazon to battle the menace of Fin Fang Flame.[2]


Runaway can absorb the abilities, memories, and powers (if any) from any person she comes in physical contact with. She can also fly and has superhuman strength.


None known

Strength level

Superhuman, to an unknown degree.


None known

  • Runaway is a combination of Marvel's Rogue and DC's Gypsy.

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