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After the apparent death of both parents, Silver Sable remained the only living relative of Anna and thus became her legal guardian and as such sent her to a private College in America.[1] The College where Anna was, was taken hostage by the Hydra, which included among the members Dmitri Petrovich, a former lover of Silver Sable. At that juncture a courageous Anna had the courage to respond to Petrovich, shouting to him that the Hydra was no better than the Hitler's goosestepping Nazi pigs.[2]

A short time later, Anna surprised Silver Sable by going to the Symkaria embassy in New York just as Silver was about to go out for a gallant evening with Jacques Girard.[3] Left alone at the embassy, Anna surprised the international thief Black Fox who was sneaking into Symkaria's embassy to rob it. Anna then showed excellent resourcefulness and athletic skills and managed to keep up with the famous thief even though Black Fox eventually managed to get the better of Anna and left her hanging by her feet in the embassy until Silver Sable returned.[3]

Years after growing up Anna turned out to be a valid member of Silver Sable International and passed on useful information to her cousin Silver Sable.[4]

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