Annalee was a member of the Morlocks,[1] a community of mutants living beneath the streets of New York City.

Wanting to sire an heir, Callisto, leader of the Morlocks, led the X-Men Cyclops and Jean Grey to the Morlock tunnels where Annalle used her hypnosis to make them fall asleep. Later, she convinced Jean Grey that she was her daughter.

Along with Ape, Annalee stole an ambulance to gain medical supplies for the young Morlock Leech who was seriously ill. They crossed paths with the X-Men Storm, Wolverine and Jubilee who helped revive the child.[2]


  • Empathic Manipulation: Annalee was able to manipulate others into believing different things by connecting emotional ties to them. This power has a hypnotic component to it allowing her deeply convince others of what she whats them to believe such as making Jean Grey believe that she was a young child and that Annalee was her mother, or Wolverine believe that he is covered in scorpions.[3]

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