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Nothing has been revealed about the past of Anne Benson. As a young woman, Benson worked as a technician at an unnamed laboratory. She casually dated one of the scientists who worked at the lab, a short-statured man named Howard Lindley. Howard was in love with Anne, but was too self-conscious to admit his true feelings to her, and convinced himself that Anne only went out with him out of pity.

After years of being ridiculed for his stature, Howard was day-dreaming about being strong and tough like Bruttu, a large monster in one of his comic books, thinking that being so strong would help to impress Anne. Howard accidently activated a new machine in the lab, and was exposed to atomic rays, and was transformed into Bruttu, and ended up destroying the lab with his new body.

After being attcked for his menacing appearance, Howard attempted to see Anne one last time. When he found her, Anne was terrified, and came to the conclusion that the monster had killed "the man she loved," believing that the monster had killed Howard in the lab. Realizing that Anne had loved him all along, Howard returned to the lab and changed himself back into a human. When Anne found Howard alive, she embraced him, and lived happily ever after.[1]



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