Anne Benson was a married mother of one. When her ex-Marine husband, Steve, decided that their son, Bobby, was a sissy for being more interested in books than sports, Anne protested that he was no different from any other child. However, Steve decided that the boy should be toughened up, and announced that he was taking Bobby on a trip to Mexico to "rough it" for a few weeks. Wanting to keep an eye on Bobby, Anne chose to tag along.

While hiking up a mountain with her family, Steve found an empty cave and decided to explore. Finding an iron door in the cave, Steve blew the door off its hinges with explosive powder, only to awaken the alien creature inside known as The Sandman. Anne and Bobby ran while Steve held the creature off, but it overpowered Steve and forced the family to smuggle it into the United States.

After making it back to the city, Anne and her family were forced to walk thru the streets with The Sandman while it observed the people. Steve alerted the military to the creature's presence during a parade, but none of the military's weaponry had any effect on the alien. As the creature escaped the city, Anne noticed Bobby had disappeared and alerted Steve. The boy soon returned with The Sandman trapped in a box and explained that he threw water on the creature, which caused it to become immobile. Anne and her family then returned to their lives, and The Sandman was locked away in a secret military base.

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