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Born of Armenian descent, Annie Ghazikhanian worked as a nurse at the Rosy Manor Convalescent Hospital in Upstate New York. There, she tended to a comatose Alex Summers, a patient at the hospital. Unaware of Summers' identity as Havok, a former member of the team of superhuman mutant adventurers known as the X-Men, Annie developed an intense obsession towards him despite his catatonic condition. After reading a newspaper article, Annie learned of Summers' true identity and contacted the Xavier Institute. The next day, when Alex's brother Scott came to pick him up, Annie offered to accompany Scott and Alex to the Xavier Institute in order to continue caring for Alex. Scott agreed, and Annie was employed as the school's resident nurse, despite her negative feelings towards mutants. She took up residence in the mansion with her son, Carter.[1]

Annie subsequently used her experience as a former E.R. nurse to treat members of the X-Men for injuries they sustained in battle. She was also responsible for conducting regular physical examinations of the staff and students.[2]

While Annie was a normal human, her son, Carter, was a mutant. She was once involved with Carter's mutant father, an ex-boyfriend, who attempted to kill her because she was pregnant with Carter and he didn't want children.[3] Since then, Annie developed some notable anti-mutant prejudices, but she tried getting over them for the sake of her own mutant son. She developed a personal friendship with the X-Man Northstar and kept secret his feelings for Iceman.[4]

When Havok was awakened from his coma he pursued a relationship with Annie, despite being engaged to Polaris. Havok later left Polaris at the wedding altar, further damaging the woman's already-shaky mental state. He and Annie had a romantic relationship (despite her occasional flirtations and kissing with Iceman) until she left the mansion, afraid the constant danger was unsafe for her son.[5]

She was seen meeting Bobby Drake along with his ex-girlfriends at a restaurant and helping out the homeless at her previous hospital job before being captured by an insane Iceman. She was rescued and received medical assistance after Iceman had been pacified.[6]



Skilled E.R. trained nurse.



Hospital Equipment.


  • She hates seafood with a passion.[3]

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