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Anne Weying's life presumably mirrors that of her counterpart from Earth-616 up until the suicide of her ex-husband, Eddie Brock, after which it presumably mirrors - to an extent - that of the Eddie Brock of Earth-616.

Becoming Venom

Shocked by her ex-husband's suicide, Anne was the only person to attend his funeral and became consumed by grief and hatred towards Eddie's father for having forsaken him, reporter Peter Parker - who was secretly the superhero Spider-Man - for having unwittingly destroyed Eddie's career, and herself for not having supported Eddie through his despair. Confused and distraught, Anne broke into Our Lady of Saints Church - the scene of Eddie's suicide - to mourn him, and her rage attracted a symbiote - a parasitic alien made of living darkness - which had been brought to Earth by Spider-Man some time prior only to have been rejected and left for dead. The symbiote bonded to Anne, who took up the alias Venom and began seeking to avenge her ex-husband.

Bonding to the Venom symbiote

As Venom, Anne acquired a rogues gallery that included not only Spider-Man but the serial killer Cletus Kasady, who bonded to one of her symbiote's offspring to become the monstrous Carnage.

At some point, Anne adopted the alias "Agent Venom" and let go of her animosity towards Peter; the two becoming close friends to the point that when Anne discovered she was mysteriously pregnant, Peter was the first person she confided in. Anne eventually gave birth to a son named Dylan - who was actually a human/symbiote hybrid spawned from the Venom symbiote.

War Against Codex

Anne happily raised Dylan for several years, but returned home one evening to find he had fallen under the sway of the dark god Knull, who had created the symbiotes billions of years in the past. Anne desperately tried everything she could think of to save her son, but Dylan forsook his humanity and became Knull's apostle - seeking to conquer the Earth in the name of the Symbiote Hive.[2] Approached by President Eugene Thompson, Anne was recruited into the Sym-Soldier Program - a supersoldier initiative led by Rex Strickland, a Vietnam War veteran and one of the first humans to bond to a symbiote. Anne joined forces with Carnage - who learned to control his bloodlust, Spider-Man - who re-bonded to a symbiote, the psychotic mercenary Wade Wilson, and teenage rebel Andi Benton.

However, the war against Codex proved to be a losing battle that cost both President Thompson and Rex Strickland their lives, and saw many of the world's heroes and villains either slain or converted into Codex's army of symbiote-augments. As Codex conquered the Earth and began converting the populace into symbiote-augments linked to his hive-mind, Anne assumed field leadership of the remaining Sym-Soldiers. With Mister Fantastic serving as her team's chief science officer, Anne established a base in the old S.H.I.E.L.D. tunnels under the city of Manhattan and becoming a freedom-fighter.[1]

Underneath the symbiote

Encounter with Venom

Alerted to an altercation involving the Avengers - now among Codex's top enforcers, Anne led her team on a scouting mission to investigate and came across the Venom (Eddie Brock) and Dylan Brock of Earth-616,[3] who had been warped to her universe by an interdimensional portal machine.[4] Shocked to be reunited with the doppelgänger of her late husband, Anne initially assumed he was a spy sent by Codex until Eddie revealed he was from an alternate universe where he had bonded to the Venom symbiote and she had been the one who committed suicide. Anne introduced Eddie to the members of her team, but their conversation was cut short when a squad of Codex's minions attacked.

While Deadpool temporarily sacrificed himself to buy the team time to escape, Anne led Eddie to the Resistance's headquarters and introduced him to Reed Richards. When Eddie introduced his son, however, Anne was shocked and informed him of Codex's true identity.[1] Explaining her world's history to Eddie and Dylan, Anne lashed out at them due to them reminding her of her ex-husband and son before leaving to sort out her emotions. Anne's self-reflection was interrupted when Scorpion - who had been bonded to a symbiote by Codex - attacked. Eddie and Dylan quickly subdued him and killed his symbiote, and Eddie revealed that Mac Gargan was a super villain from his world and had followed him to Earth-1051 seeking revenge for having been paralyzed by Carnage.[2]

Dylan later confided in Anne that he'd never known his mother and commiserated with what had happened to her son, prompting Anne to apologize for her cold attitude towards him and Eddie. With Gargan's intel, Anne led the resistance to attack Codex's headquarters. Anne helped Eddie subdue Codex, but Gargan reclaimed his Virus Armor and attempted to betray the Resistance before being shut down by Mr. Fantastic. Together, Anne, Eddie, and Earth-616's Dylan managed to break Knull's hold over Codex and restore his humanity, though he lapsed into a coma shortly thereafter. With Codex defeated, the horde of symbiotes he'd created perished and the world slowly returned to normal.

Over the following year, Anne entered a relationship with Eddie and became a surrogate mother to his Dylan, while frequently visiting her own son in the hospital. Once Mr. Fantastic finished building an interdimensional portal, Anna considered going to Earth-616 to stay with them, but ultimately decided to remain on Earth-1051 to look after her son and fix the damage he'd caused.[5]

Carnage's Takeover and Death

For several years, Anne clung to hope that Dylan would recover from his coma, but eventually gave in to despair. When visiting her son one day, Anne witnessed the Carnage symbiote bonding to Dylan, reactivating the powers he'd possessed as Codex. Carnage conquered the world, slaughtering most people and keeping others as prisoners -- Anne among them -- to be tortured. She was ultimately killed by the Carnage-ized Dylan.[6]


Following Eddie Brock's suicide, Anne Weying was consumed by grief and vengeful hatred towards those she saw as having contributed towards her husband taking his own life. Sensing her rage, the Venom symbiote bonded to her, and from there it can be presumed that her trajectory more-or-less mirrored that of the Eddie Brock of Earth-616; wherein she became a vigilante and slowly let go of her hatred towards Spider-Man for his unintentional involvement in Eddie's death. Presently, Anne is a consummate soldier courtesy of her training by Tyrannosaurus, and is the field-leader of her squad - which includes her former enemies Spider-Man and Carnage. Anne is also protective of her team, defending Cletus when Eddie assumed he was still a nihilistic serial killer.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Earth-616 Anne Weying as She-Venom and Eugene Thompson when he was Agent Venom.


Seemingly those of the Earth-616 Anne Weying as She-Venom and Eugene Thompson when he was Agent Venom.


  • Anne Weying bonding to the Venom symbiote might be a reference to David Michelinie's original pitch for Venom, at first intending for the host to be woman before the idea was rejected by Jim Salicrup.

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