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Anneka met Conan at the court of King Maddoc II of El Shah Maddoc.[1] When his father became general, she was offered to King Maddoc II, but he was devoted to Swan and refused her, although Anneka eventually gave birth to their child, Jahli. When Conan returned from the battle against the Kushite nomads, she fell in love with the Cimmerian[2] Being a shield maiden, a child of the military, Anneka fought off the assassins who were trying to kill his son, and took him to Syreeta, one of her former house maids, believing he would be safe.[3]

Anneka confessed she was afraid of Conan, but eventually lost her child to Ybn's assassins.[4]

Anneka traveled with Conan to the military outpost in Bhoraji, but she was attacked and possessed by Xuthl's Shedu, which made her threaten to slit her wrists.[5] Once Conan finally defeated the Shedu using the Staff of the Elder Gods, Anneka turned back to normal.[6]

When his father went out looking for the missing Kobe, Anneka urged Conan to rescue him.[7] She was attacked by Bahkt, while he was looking for Conan, but she managed to hurt him with the Staff of the Elder Gods.[8]

When Red Sonja was found unconscious, badly beaten and sexually assaulted in the Kothian wilderness, Anneka was asked by Conan to watch over her.[9] When Kaleb decked Conan for grabbing Solaise, Anneka asked Keiv to stop them, but he just ran away. As the Cimmerian and the Aesir then disappeared into a portal in the air, Red Sonja told Anneka she would come with them, although, since Bahkt defeated her, she had lost her martial powers and couldn't fight anymore.[10]

Anneka was consort and shield-maiden to the Maddocean king, when she met and fell in love with Conan. She then fought a band of scavengers who attacked their camp, defending Sonja, who was still traumatized by Bahkt's recent assault.[11] Anneka then confessed his father she feared for Conan's impending battle with the Devourer of Souls. Once they camped on the shore of the Tybor River, Anneka kindly asked Kobe to search for Conan, as the Cimmerian had gone hunting again.[12]



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