Information-silk Official Team Name
Annex Squads
Information-silk Team Aliases
"My Team"
Information-silk Status
Information-silk Identity
Information-silk Universe
Information-silk Base of Operations
Information-silk Team Leader(s)
Military Directorate,[1]
Intelligence Directorate[1]
Information-silk Current Members
Agent X-13, other members
Information-silk Enemies
Information-silk Origin
Mutant Annex Squads sent from Earth-TRN254 to "Earth-616"
Information-silk Place of Formation


Agent X-13 and his teammates were able to analysed "Earth-616"'s defenses along with the other members of his Annex Squad, concluding there were in the North Hemisphere of Earth lots of mutates and enhanced people, but very few of Mutants.

The annexation was effectuated when Agent X-13 activate their Ghost Box and link it to a site safeguard cage, to protect with it the emergent Deathlok-Class Units, including one using an alternate Magneto who defeat the X-Men, killing Storm, Emma Frost, and bending Wolverine's legs. X-13 was sent back to his world as this earth was conquered within a week by the Deathlok class Units, who made the autonomous decision to annex the reality.

During his report about the emergency annexation of "Earth-616" in front of his military superiors, X-13 claimed to have only made his job, acted in the cadre of the protocols and recommendations, and with no regrets, while his superiors harassed him with questions. X-13 then leaved, stating the locals would resist, probably for years, and it was not of his business.


Equipment: Ghost Box


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