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Captain Universe

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Synopsis for 1st story

Peter Quill, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, and Bug are imprisoned by the Phalanx so they can experiment on them. Mantis and Gabriel had escaped. Mantis is going to rescue them while Gabriel is going to release the Uni-Force to find a new host as a Phalanx Prime, so it can find a way to cure the contagion. In the mean time Mantis has released the others and they are heading at Gabriel's position.

Soon after they encounter a group of Kree guards who they are letting pass by and helped them out, as a result they condemned themselves for their disobedience. While Captain Universe Phalanx has established a connection to the main core, after a failed attempted from the others phalanx units to stop him. In result it finds the cure, destroys the main core and returns to Gabriel just in time to rescue him from a powerless state against the phalanx units.

Gabriel, back in action with powers, head to the team. While the team are fighting for the control of a ship to escape. After a successful escape Galen-Kor detonate their ship and teleported the team at their base where they are healing and making the antidote for the contagion. Gabriel's legs have been fixed and Uni-Force left for it's next host while the team is going to be sent on their next mission.


  • The Uni-force leaves Gabriel Vargas.

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