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Quote1 I am called Quasar, and this place is under my protection. Now, how will things suck to be you? Quote2
Quasar (Phyla-Vell)

Appearing in "Annihilation: Conquest - Prologue"

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Synopsis for "Annihilation: Conquest - Prologue"

On the Kree outskirt planet of Lamentis Outworld, a group of bandits attempts to steal basic supplies from a group of Priests of Pama. They're surprised to discover that one of those they think are priests is actually Quasar. As she begins to make short work of them, a voice calls her name, distracting her. Luckily, her partner Moondragon is there to save her and the two defeat the bandits. Quasar then asks the priests to care for the bandits and teach them the way of pacifism. As she and Moondragon venture inside the temple, she expresses that she is doubting their goals and her own abilities and questions whether she can live up to the legacies of her father (Captain Mar-Vell) and the previous Quasar (Wendell Vaughn). Moondragon assures her that she's doing a good job and that working on an outworld is a way of rebuilding the Kree empire after the destruction caused by the Annihilation Wave.

On the Kree homeworld of Hala, the Galadorian Spaceknights are arriving as Peter Quill is readying for a demonstration of a promised upgrade from the Spaceknights, an act that would help unify them with the Kree and provide better protection to the entire galaxy, in case of another threat. Taking a brief call from Nova, Quill promises to send him some videos of the events, predicting a rather boring day.

Arriving on the landing platform with the awaiting Spaceknights and their leader Daystar, Quill begins the process that would update the Kree's defense programs with the Spaceknights' special defense program.

Back on Lamentis, Quasar is again contacted by the mysterious voice, informing her of a coming danger, a "conquest. The end of all things." The voice then tells her that there's a Kree savior and that Quasar must find him. As she asks the voice how to find him, Moondragon interrupts, not believing her claims of a mysterious voice. As Quasar tells Moondragon what the voice said, they're interrupted by an attacking Kree Sentry.

Meanwhile, on Hala, Ronan informs Peter Quill that their defense program is picking up a "class-six" security alert. As technicians try to determine the problem, an orbiting Kree spacecraft explodes. Realizing there's an incompatibility in the Spaceknight program, Quill turns to Daystar, telling him that there's a problem, which Daystar seemingly ignores. Quill then realizes that they've been betrayed and as he attempts to tell Ronan to reboot the defense program, Daystar crushes his hand and a techno-organic mesh crawls out of his eyeslot. As the Kree and Spaceknights begin battling, the infected Sentries begin destroying the city.

On Lamentis, Moondragon and Quasar destroy the attacking Sentry, and the voice informs Quasar that time is running out. Moondragon finally starts to believe Quasar.

On Hala, the world is in ruins, as Quill attempts to get help. Looking out a window, he sees the Kree Sentries forming merging together, something not in their original programming. As the last Sentries join together, a spire is revealed, and a shockwave is released.

Quickly reaching the outworlds, Moondragon and Quasar witness the shockwave. Attempting to follow the shockwave to see where it's going, Quasar discovers a destroyed spaceship, with thousands of dead Kree floating in space. As the shockwave ends, Quasar finds that it's formed a barrier, sealing off Kree space. Again, the voice informs her that she must find the Kree savior.

On Hala, Quill defeats an attacking Spaceknight and discovers a squadron of Kree. Telling them to watch his back as he makes his way to the controls for the space program, he turns around to see the same techno-organic mesh covering their eyes as had covered Daystar's. The Kree then open fire, hitting Quill and knocking him out of a window. The possessed Kree and Spaceknights then turn to face the spire. From the spire emerges a group of Phalanx. Informing all that they're there to protect the people. But that the people must submit, because there is no escape, and that the Phalanx has completed its...conquest.

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