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Synopsis for "Last Stand"

Outside of the Cordon shield that isolates the Kree galaxy from the rest of the universe, the collective armada of alien races have been unsuccessful in breaching it. Just then, Nova, along with Warlock, Tyro, Gamora and Drax the Destroyer, emerge from a stargate, announcing to all the assembled ships about the Phalanx's takeover of the Kree. As the Technarchy get to work in breaching the barrier, as Phalanx harmonics are similar to theirs, Nova advises everyone not to follow.

Meanwhile, on Hala, Star-Lord's team have jumped from the burning Babel Spire to their probable deaths. Mantis telepathically calls out to Groot, whose branches reach out to save his friends, but with the last ounce of his strength; an optimistic Rocket Raccoon rationalize that they can still revive Groot with the little twig they have left. Mantis then admits to Star-Lord that soon she will be lost to them, for she has foreseen that Ultron will teleport in and kill her. Her prediction comes true, as Ultron, in Adam Warlock's body, appears and slaps her aside. He then turns his murderous eyes on Star-Lord, determined to finish the job he should've done on that interrogation table. Then suddenly, Nova slams into Ultron/Adam, saving Star-Lord, as the rest of his allies join the fight.

Watching from afar, the High Evolutionary then takes the opportunity to slip away with his supersoldiers, wishing Phyla-Vell and her friends luck. It is then that Phyla is contacted by Moondragon from across death itself, encouraging her to help their friends. Phyla wishes for her lover to come back to her, but there is nothing she can do, as power flows back into the quantum bands. She joins the fight, as Warlock forces Ultron out of Adam's body with his non-aggressive strain of the transmode virus. She then returns Adam's soul to his body, which the High Evolutionary entrusted her with. Returning to life, Adam admits that in some way, Ultron taking away his body gave him understanding of what the Kree want: justice!

Above Hala, Ronan the Accuser's group has readied the Sentry group to prepare for annihilate the planet, seeing no alternative. Unfortunately, Ultron takes control of Praxagora, forcing her to blast Wraith, disrupting the Centurion's Exolon coating that protects them from the Phalanx. As he takes control of the Sentry swarm, Ultron also sets Praxagora's power cell to overload. Kl'rt barely manages to erect a forcefield around his compatriots in time.

Ultron has gathered the Sentries for one purpose: to create a massive body for himself. Adam isn't fazed, instructing Phyla to join him. He uses the souls of the dead Kree to reforge her quantum sword so she can strike down Ultron. As Phyla points out that Ultron will simply find another body to inhabit, Wraith comes down to offer his Exolons to trap Ultron in his current form. Phyla then delivers the final blow, destroying Ultron. Without a leader, the Phalanx are directionless and inert.

As the Kree recover and the transmode virus purged, many rejoice at their victory or lament what they almost done. Phyla, on the other hand, write up a letter to place at Moondragon's grave, before joining Adam to hear of a plan Star-Lord has in mind.

Solicit Synopsis

This is it: Marvel’s rag-tag group of sci-fi heroes vs. Ultron – in a double-sized finale! The surviving warriors face-off on the battlefield, with the fate of the entire Kree Empire – and perhaps the Earth itself – at stake! Who will fall? Who will rise to become a legend? It’s an extra helping of adventure, humor, drama and eye-candy that calls “one of the best event books of the year.”


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