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-- Quasar

Appearing in "And One For All"

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  • Xandarian Starship

Synopsis for "And One For All"

After meeting with Drax and Cammi, Nova wishes them good luck to find a way out of the planet until Drax convinces him to help them, despite the Worldmind's many attempts at convincing Nova to ignore them, especially because of Drax's criminal past.

They go on to search for a ship only to find it destroyed by some of the Annihilation Wave and nearly killing Cammi because of Nova's hesitancy to use his powers, leading to Drax wanting to teach him how to use his powers.

They find another ship in a good condition and launch it through a stargate of Nova's creation. This ships in the space of a planet called Nycos Aristedes with the ship crash landing into the planet, but they are saved by Quasar who leads them to the planet's safety.


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