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Appearing in "Ten Minutes and Counting"

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Synopsis for "Ten Minutes and Counting"

After feeling that they're losing, Nova mounts a frontal assault on the enemy which nearly kills him if not for Quasar.

Drax then tells them that Annihilus is behind the Annihilation Wave and that if they kill Annihilus, all of the Wave will be defeated before losing connection to them. Annihilus then commands to give them a clear path so he can acquire their energies for his Cosmic Control Rod.

Nova and Quasar enter Annihilus' ship and attack him but Annihilus outmatched them leading to Quasar's death and Annihilus acquiring the Quantum Bands. Nova then willingly lets Annihilus access the Worldmind so he can order the Wave to attack each other. Nova leaves the ship into space and is saved by Drax and Cammi who take him inside their ship.



Part of Annihilation: Chronicling Annihilation Day, Plus 11

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